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The Lake Arrowhead Woods is the area of Lake Arrowhead where property owners have lake rights.  Lake Rights comprises the ability to use the Lake Arrowhead beaches, club houses, trails, and most importantly the right to swim and launch a boat on the lake.

The Arrowhead Lake Association governs these rights, as well as takes care of the lake community.  For a FREE map of Lake Arrowhead Access points to get down to the lake, please email us at steeleofalifetime@

The Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee (AWAC) governs the rights and priveleges of property owners in the Arrowhead Woods boundaries. The committee serves to protect the mountain atmosphere, keep property values from ruin, and to make sure there isn't the same haphazard building as what is going on down the hill.  For a list of rules, regulations, applications, and guidelines, visit the AWAC page.

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Arrowhead Lake Dock Locations

2009/2010Membership Dues

All persons choosing to be members of ALA must pay dues in one of the following amounts.

All Slip Rights $500
  Late fees if paid after June 1, capped at 4 months $50/month
Beach Club - family $200
General membership per property $60

2009/2010 Boat License Fees

All persons wishing to register a boat on Lake Arrowhead must have one of the above memberships. Powered Boats must be at least 12' long to be allowed on Lake Arrowhead. Small Boats are limited to the area between the buoy line and the shoreline. Unregistered boats found on the lake will only be registered with the payment of a 50% penalty and if the owner is in possession of a membership. Unregistered boats will be impounded for 30 days at $25/day and will then be disposed of by ALA in any way they determine appropriate and legal.

Power over 12' or Sail Boats with slip right, slip rental, or summer storage $200
Power over 12' or Sail Boats without slip right, slip rental, or summer storage $300
Small boat, non powered $25


Lake Arrowhead Slip Rules 

Dock Transfers




Steps to launch your boat on Lake Arrowhead


  • You must own property in the Arrowhead Woods.
  • Have your boat properly registered with both the State of California (or other state) and the Arrowhead Lake Association.
  • Boat must be registered in the name of the property owner.
  • The operator of the boat must have an ALA Boat Operators License.
  • Boat insurance must be current and have ALA named as additional insured with $500,000 in liability.

Boat inspection: An invasive species of mussels causing an environmental and economic disaster in the United States has spread to California. The Arrowhead Lake Association is checking boats launching on our lake to insure that the mussel doesn't spread to this lake. BOATS THAT HAVE BEEN IN INFECTED WATERS WILL NEED SPECIAL CLEANING BEFORE THEY WILL BE ALLOWED TO LAUNCH IN LAKE ARROWHEAD.

Inspection process:

  • Any boat launching must be inspected.
  • The boat may not contain any water in the bilge or live bait area.
  • Those boats with water in the bilge area may be turned away and not allowed to launch if the water can not be accounted for.
  • The trailer and any play-craft will also be checked for Contamination.
  • A period of 7 days of quarantine may be necessary after a suspected contaminated boat has been cleaned and all water removed. The decision of the ALA employee will be final

Dogs in Lake Arrowhead

DOGS AT THE BEACH CLUBS: Dogs are allowed at the Beach Clubs under the following conditions:


  • Dogs must be on a leash and must not be allowed on the beach side of the sidewalk.
  • Dogs must be attended by an owner and may not be left tied and unattended.
  • Dogs are allowed in the grass areas adjacent to the parking lot
  • Owners must pick up after their dogs.


  • Dogs must be on a leash and must not be allowed on the beach.
  • Dogs must be attended by an owner and may not be left tied and unattended.
  • Dogs are allowed in the parking lot and the picnic area near the BBQ pavilion.
  • Owners must pick up after their dogs
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