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Welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to Lake Arrowhead!

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Welcome to Lake Arrowhead Real Estate!

YOU have found your source for information regarding real estate in historic and beautiful Lake Arrowhead, Ca. This area is surrounded by lush forest, clean air, blue skies and the whispers of the heyday when the golden age of Old Hollywood was prevalent on our roads. This website will have information on cabins for sale in Lake Arrowhead, as well as many beautiful homes, everything from lakefront estates to homes on the Lake Arrowhead golf course fairways. To really take advantage of the Lake Arrowhead lifestyle, you want to be a property owner in the Arrowhead Woods. This encompasses the area around the lake and golf course and allows the privelege of using Lake Arrowhead.  For more information about the Arrowhead Woods, please visit the Arrowhead Woods Lake Rights page. To use the lake, beaches, and trails, you must own improved property in the boundaries of the Arrowhead Woods.
can help you with that goal!


The Village of Lake Arrowhead dates from June of 1922 when the original Village was opened for business. When many of the buildings fell into disrepair, the Village was burned in the 1970s except for the casino, which was housed in the round pavilion building.
The Village was then rebuilt into what you see today. 
In all four seasons, the
Village is a bustling shopping, dining and people-watching experience. 
*  *     *  *     *  *
This community, especially if you live here, has so much to offer its residents!
There is much to do in the Lake Arrowhead Village, with free concerts every summer (CONCERT SERIES WEBSITE), delicious food in all of the local restaurants, a seasonal Friday Farmer's market(Memorial weekend to Labor Day weekend), water skiing lessons, walking around with your dogs(the Village is dog-friendly) and spending time enjoying the fresh
mile-high city of Lake Arrowhead!
*  *     *  *     *  *
If you own a home here and have a boat docked on the lake,
imagine taking your boat on a warm summer evening to the village and 
dining in one of the excellent restaurants.  Walk the trails and listen to the birds call across the water. Smell the warmth of the pines and cedars while drinking coffee on your deck or BBQing on your dock.In the meantime, for lodgings and restaurants, please visit Lifestyle on the Lake.

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Lake Arrowhead Village in the Wintertime... Still a Gorgeous time to visit the Village, especially around Christmas! Grab a hot beverage at one of the local coffee shops and maybe you'll be treated to a light snowfall, just what you'd expect of a mountain winter...Visit with a reindeer and have your picture taken with Santa! No matter the time you come to visit Lake Arrowhead,
you will have a beautiful time!

This is the Lake Arrowhead lifestyle...
have Kerry Jenkins assist you with buying your dream home here and live it every day!

Copyright 2008 Amy Steele





Lake Arrowhead Summer Concert Series!

Please visit the Lake Arrowhead Village Summer Concert Series webpage to see who's playing and to reserve your table for the concert! 

Healthy Forest Initiative

Click on the picture to learn the 6 steps to creating a healthy Lake Arrowhead mountain property!  

Don't forget:  Lake Arrowhead Woods homeowners have to abide by the Arrowhead Woods Architectural Committee(AWAC) guidelines before altering the property or the home. 

 For more information, visit the AWAC site.

Click on the beetle for more information regarding the bark beetle infestation in the San Bernardino Mountains

Winteriziation of Your Mountain Home

Lake Arrowhead Winterization Tips!

Don't let this happen to You!


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